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"Because life is complicated and difficult. Anyone who says otherwise hasn't truly lived." ~ A. Lee Martinez
"Vance took the news of their "big-city fellows" status better than Philip. Probably because it turned out that he was actually gay."You're what?""Well, I'm not entirely sure," said Vance, "but I'd say it's seventy-thirty for it.""But I've seen you with women.""That would be the thirty part of the equation," said Vance as he sipped his coffee."Oh my God. That's why you agreed to do this with me. You think I'm gay, too!"Vance chuckled. "Dude you're not gay.""I know I'm not, but do you know I'm not?""I'd say ninety-two-eight on the straight side," said Vance."How the hell-""They've made some terrific advances in gaydar, dude." ~ A. Lee Martinez
"She wore a pleated skirt, a white cotton blouse, and simple black shoes with knee high stockings. At the arc of each step, the skirt would rise to expose a few inches of her taut thighs. Neither Earl nor Duke could recall what Chad was wearing." ~ A. Lee Martinez
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Me alegro, porque es posible, y subrayo posible, que ese momento no llegue nunca, que no te enamores, que no quieras ni puedas entregarle la vida a nadie y que, como yo, cumplas un día los cuarenta y cinco años y te des cuenta de que ya no eres joven y que no había para ti un coro de cupidos con liras ni un lecho de rosas blancas tendido hacia el altar, y la única vergüenza que te quede sea robarle a la vida el placer de esa carne firme y ardiente que se evapora más rápido que las buenas intenciones, y que es lo más parecido al cielo que encontrarás en este cochino mundo donde se pudre todo, empezando por la belleza y acabando por la memoria."
Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafón

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