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A.J. Jacobs Quotes
A.J. Jacobs Quotes
A.J. Jacobs Quotes

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We try, when we wake, to lay the new day at God's feet; before we have finished shaving, it becomes our day and God's share in it is felt as a tribute which we must pay out of ‘our own' pocket, a deduction from the time which ought, we feel, to be ‘our own'. A man starts a new job with a sense of vocation and, perhaps, for the first week still keeps the discharge of the vocation as his end, taking the pleasures and pains from God's hand, as they came, as ‘accidents'. But in the second week he is beginning to ‘know the ropes': by the third, he has quarried out of the total job his own plan for himself within that job, and when he can pursue this he feels that he is getting no more than his rights, and when he cannot, that he is being interfered."
Author: C.S. Lewis

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