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Alasdair Gray Quotes
Alasdair Gray Quotes
Alasdair Gray Quotes

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But the public did not know the truth about what happened to the people in the trucks; they believed the stories from the government, who said that these people, known as Untermensch (non-people or ‘lower people'), were simply moved to open spaces in the east and settled on farms, away from Germany, so as not to ‘contaminate' the German race. This is an example of people not wishing to know the facts behind the rumours in which were whispered between trusted friends. The general belief was that the rumours were rubbish anyway, for how could a civilized country do such things? Our leaders would never allow anything bad to happen to these people; after all, we were not barbarians! And so nothing was said, or done, and the public developed a collective blindness to the truth."
Author: Alfred Nestor

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