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Aleksandar Hemon Quotes
Aleksandar Hemon Quotes
Aleksandar Hemon Quotes

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I am filled with things and I battle feelingsI have never wanted to exist inside of meI lack too much confidence and I carry toomuch sadness and my body is full of starsthat never learned their name. I wear my insecurities like pockets and I fill themwith my fears and my hands are growing tiredfrom reaching down into them to hold thefeeling of being afraid. I am afraid. Alwaysafraid. Afraid like chimes when the wind lipsare sealed. Afraid like your eyes when the starsfall asleep in the black. Afraid like dreamswhen they realise they are just dreams and thatreality is that one scar that will neverfade away.I am, terrified. Terrified that the thingsinside me are the things that will keep mefrom ever finding a home inside someoneelse."
Author: Christopher Poindexter

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