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Alva Myrdal Quotes
Alva Myrdal Quotes
Alva Myrdal Quotes

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Actually, yeah, I did buy a few new things," she confirmed, then she teased a little more by adding, "I think Pete is going to really enjoy my outfit tomorrow night.""Pete seems to like you no matter what you're wearing," Luke grumbled. "So, what did you buy for good ol' Pete?"Darn, if he didn't sound jealous! Could it be possible? It'd mean she meant something to him. Something more than Dr. Doolittle anyway. "I bought a mini skirt." She wouldn't tell him about the hair and the shoes. Or what she bought to wear under the skirt.She heard him cough. Hard. As if having a spasm. "Luke? Are you okay?"A couple more very tense seconds of coughs, and then, "Did you say a skirt?"She wanted to smack him."
Author: Anne Rainey

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