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"She wondered again about her inclination to wish for things that made her so deeply unhappy." ~ Ann Brashares
"As the three of them walked home from the trees, nobody needed to say it, but Ama knew. They had questioned their friendship. They had searched and wondered, looking for a sign. And all along they'd had their trees. You couldn't wear them. You couldn't pass them around. They offered no fashion advantage. But they had roots. They lived." ~ Ann Brashares
"...Alice kept thinking about that passage from one part of life to another. She kept thinking, Is this it? Will I know if it is? Will I be ready?Will I make it across? Will I chicken out? Will I know when I'm saying goodbye? When I look back, will I still be able to see what I've left behind? She thought she would know when it happened.But now, as she looked around, she wondered if it was really like that at all. Maybe it happened in a million different ways, when you were thinking of it and you weren't. Maybe there was no gap, no jump, no chasm. You didn't forget yourself all at once. Maybe you just looked around one time or another and you thought, Hey. And there you were." ~ Ann Brashares
"They needed to grieve alone was what Tibby's dad said. Lena wondered if really there was any choice in that. Everyone grieved alone." ~ Ann Brashares
"She wondered if maybe tragedy was what it took to make your heart capable of admitting a new member." ~ Ann Brashares
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She knew whose love she doubted. It wasn't her parents' and it wasn't her friends: It was her own."
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