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"You will hear thunder and remember me,and think: she wanted storms..." ~ Anna Akhmatova
"During the terrible years of the Yekhov terror I spent seventeen months in the prison queues in Leningrad. One day someone ‘identified' me. Then a woman with lips blue with cold who was standing behind me, and of course had never heard of my name, came out of the numbness which affected us all and whispered in my ear—(we all spoke in whispers there): ‘Could you describe this?'I said, ‘I can!'Then something resembling a smile slipped over what had once been her face." ~ Anna Akhmatova
"Who will grieve for this woman? Does she not seemtoo insignificant for our concern?Yet in my heart I never will deny her,who suffered death because she chose to turn.- Lot's Wife" ~ Anna Akhmatova
"There is a frontier-line in human closenessThat love and passion cannot violate-- Though in silence mouth to mouth be solderedAnd passionate devotion cleave the heart.Here friendship, too, is powerless, and yearsOf that sublime and fiery happinessWhen the free soul has broken clearFrom the slow languor of voluptuousness.Those striving towards it are demented, andIf the line seem close enough to broach--Stricken with sadness...Now you understandWhy my heart does not beat beneath your touch." ~ Anna Akhmatova
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