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"As the future ripens in the past,so the past rots in the future --a terrible festival of dead leaves." ~ Anna Akhmatova
"We learned not to meet anymore,We don't raise our eyes to one another,But we ourselves won't guaranteeWhat could happen to us in an hour." ~ Anna Akhmatova
"During the terrible years of the Yekhov terror I spent seventeen months in the prison queues in Leningrad. One day someone ‘identified' me. Then a woman with lips blue with cold who was standing behind me, and of course had never heard of my name, came out of the numbness which affected us all and whispered in my ear—(we all spoke in whispers there): ‘Could you describe this?'I said, ‘I can!'Then something resembling a smile slipped over what had once been her face." ~ Anna Akhmatova
"Sentirai il tuono e mi rammenterai,penserai: desiderava la bufera...Sarà una striscia di cielo accesa di rosso,e il cuore come allora in fiamme.E ciò accadrà nel giorno moscovitain cui abbandonerò per sempre la città,muoverò verso il bramato riparo,lasciando in mezzo a voi ancora la mia ombra." ~ Anna Akhmatova
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