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"The beautiful result often astonishes us when our mind becomes oblivious to the work done with our heart." ~ Anuj Somany
"quote Anything that starts as a practice often turns into the habit and so can be the case with a person's nature of forgiving himself on his mistakes a few number of times." ~ Anuj Somany
"People who find loneliness for the sheer absence of many friends often don't realize the presence of God's big gift in their lives for them being made unique as there are only fewer things in common with others." ~ Anuj Somany
"The Best Thoughts are often those which are spoken without giving any thoughts." ~ Anuj Somany
"The biggest distraction in life to one's focus is often near locus standing people saying all hocus-pocus." ~ Anuj Somany
"There is a glaring FEE in FrEEbie that most of the people, more often than not, fail to see." ~ Anuj Somany
"Stunning is the fact that a novel idea proposed by a person ordinary is initially not liked often by his or her friends any, but suddenly many of them like if the same or similar nature work is espoused or endorsed by a wealthy person of money. Isn't it cunning?" ~ Anuj Somany
"It is often too easy to explain a novel idea to a few enlightened persons with a few words. But to enlighten about the same to many people, too many words are often required" ~ Anuj Somany
"A person who is inherently and intuitively curious is often intellectually and distinctly very serious towards his roles and responsibilities in life." ~ Anuj Somany
"The wit, wisdom and insights of a different person are often unpalatable, weird and absurd to the senses of many ordinary people." ~ Anuj Somany
"A man of substance should trust very carefully an online networking friend whose shared images are not often palatable to his taste." ~ Anuj Somany
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