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Richard Dooling (13 quotes)
Roy Scheider (1 quotes)
William Golding (132 quotes)
Knut Wicksell (1 quotes)
Jerry A Fodor (2 quotes)
Tatiana Maslany (22 quotes)
Suzanne Farrell (24 quotes)
Nestor Kirchner (5 quotes)
Julie March (1 quotes)
James H Douglas (6 quotes)
Antonio Villaraigosa (13 quotes)
Gareth Pugh (1 quotes)
Roman Vishniac (1 quotes)
Cynthia Vespia (1 quotes)
John Millington Synge (17 quotes)
Anne Edwards (1 quotes)
Wrath James White (4 quotes)
mr sid (3 quotes)
NisiOisiN (16 quotes)
Kallista Pendragon (2 quotes)
Albert Espinosa (57 quotes)
Bill Dixon (14 quotes)
Gary Louis (1 quotes)
Vera Whisman (1 quotes)
Santosh Kalwar (264 quotes)
Janelle Carreon (1 quotes)
Marc Morris (4 quotes)
James Inhofe (5 quotes)
Lizbeth Mori (1 quotes)
Joseph Bathanti (3 quotes)
Miranda Kerr (23 quotes)
Elizabeth Lowell (9 quotes)
Medlar Lucan (2 quotes)
Rosie Alison (5 quotes)
Bill Shuster (17 quotes)
Benjamin Whorf (6 quotes)
Dejan Stojanovic (267 quotes)
Joan Countryman (2 quotes)
Jamal Lewis (11 quotes)
Gary Burton (12 quotes)
Jerry Kramer (11 quotes)
Kristin Hannah (131 quotes)
Meghan Wier (2 quotes)
Helen Humphreys (17 quotes)
DOshedrack (1 quotes)
Chu Jeff (1 quotes)
Chandler Burr (3 quotes)
Galaxy Craze (1 quotes)
Anne Bronte (108 quotes)
Tim Farrington (4 quotes)
Rob Buyea (3 quotes)
A J Conyers (1 quotes)
Lorene Stunson Hill (1 quotes)
Janine di Giovanni (18 quotes)
Gaudapada (1 quotes)
Wes Montgomery (2 quotes)
Marta (2 quotes)
Paul Tripp (4 quotes)
Ronald D Moore (3 quotes)
Preston Manning (12 quotes)
DeAnna Julie Dodson (1 quotes)
Avinash Narula (2 quotes)
Maeve Alpin (3 quotes)
Jo Knowles (2 quotes)
Raymond Carver (72 quotes)
Valter Hugo Mae (2 quotes)
Oleh Lysheha (1 quotes)
Molly Detweiler (1 quotes)
Gerry Wolstenholme (1 quotes)
Alice Miller (26 quotes)
Alveda King (20 quotes)
Reeva Steenkamp (1 quotes)
Santigold (8 quotes)
Alec Baldwin (20 quotes)
Kirsten Miller (4 quotes)
Monet Nodlehs (1 quotes)
Stephen Demone (2 quotes)
Michael Ledeen (9 quotes)
Frank Woolley (8 quotes)
Alison Miller (9 quotes)
Robert Fitzgerald (18 quotes)
Maurice Moss (2 quotes)
Luis Sepulveda (34 quotes)
HaveYouSeenThisGirL (2 quotes)
Jaymin Panchasara (1 quotes)
Bianca Sommerland (8 quotes)
Andy Murray (16 quotes)
Emily Herr (1 quotes)
Taylor Wilson (1 quotes)
Marie de France (17 quotes)
Hans Alcanzare (1 quotes)
Edmund S Muskie (2 quotes)
Al Hanouf Halawi (4 quotes)
Dorothy Parker (117 quotes)

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Jim, did your father really blow his brains out because of your mother?""Yeah.He was on the telephone.He told her he had a gun.He said, "If you don't come back to me I'm going to kill myself. Will you come back to me?´ And my mother said, "No." There was a shot and that was that.""What did your mother do?""She hung up.""All right, I'll see you tonight buddy"."
Author: Charles Bukowski

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