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Timothy Findley (32 quotes)
Ryan Lochte (18 quotes)
Joseph Wambaugh (16 quotes)
Robert Pattinson (18 quotes)
Diogenes Laertius (9 quotes)
Crystal Spears (17 quotes)
Susannah Spurgeon (4 quotes)
Paul Weyrich (19 quotes)
Jose Maria Merino (1 quotes)
D H Lawrence (19 quotes)
John Burns (19 quotes)
Eva Gabrielsson (3 quotes)
Warren Olson (3 quotes)
Sherman Hemsley (6 quotes)
Waris Ahluwalia (22 quotes)
Michael N Castle (21 quotes)
Roman Jakobson (16 quotes)
H Richard Niebuhr (4 quotes)
Andrea Koehle Jones (1 quotes)
VG Hiemstra (1 quotes)
Vivian Kirkfield (1 quotes)
Krystal McLean (1 quotes)
Bobby Bragan (1 quotes)
Connie Stevens (12 quotes)
Sarah Roemer (3 quotes)
Andrew Shaffer (18 quotes)
David Brenner (4 quotes)
Bob Wells (3 quotes)
A K Antony (3 quotes)
David Mallet (6 quotes)
Oliver Cowdery (2 quotes)
Joseph ONeill (14 quotes)
Helen Shucman (8 quotes)
Jennifer duBois (11 quotes)
Yahya Jammeh (2 quotes)
Valeria Golino (2 quotes)
Minari Endou (2 quotes)
Emma Lynn (1 quotes)
Jeremy Harding (1 quotes)
Joanne Fluke (18 quotes)
Isabella Kruger (3 quotes)
Helmut Jahn (19 quotes)
Bob Northam (1 quotes)
Bob Hicok (11 quotes)
Laura Haddock (5 quotes)
Jenni Schaefer (19 quotes)
Alfred Thayer Mahan (1 quotes)
Cecy Robson (9 quotes)
Jean Rousset (1 quotes)
Thomas Paine (133 quotes)
Sergei Dovlatov (6 quotes)
Ozwald Boateng (13 quotes)
S Tarr (5 quotes)
Janet Kagan (7 quotes)
Alan Beattie (1 quotes)
e e cummings (21 quotes)
Ed Sullivan (1 quotes)
Lee Ann Womack (15 quotes)
Jon Davis (1 quotes)
Chareles Dickens (1 quotes)
Anthony Hamilton (18 quotes)
Catherine Richmond (2 quotes)
Toni Collette (11 quotes)
Nancy J Cavanaugh (4 quotes)
Jan de Bont (14 quotes)
Alzenati Zenati (1 quotes)
Sheldon Vanauken (18 quotes)
L Cranmer Byng (2 quotes)
Shane Koyczan (31 quotes)
Dick Francis (28 quotes)
Freddy Rodriguez (5 quotes)
Jim Cole (3 quotes)
St Patrick (5 quotes)
WE Woodward (2 quotes)
Justin Quinn (1 quotes)
Sara Levine (7 quotes)
Peter Akinola (5 quotes)
Robert Teeter (21 quotes)
Alice Temperley (23 quotes)
Jenny Slate (2 quotes)
Ansel Adams (27 quotes)
Heidi R Kling (8 quotes)
Lauren Bush (7 quotes)
Lee Myung Bak (23 quotes)
Alvin Dark (9 quotes)
Peter Jelen (1 quotes)
Kevin Bales (3 quotes)
Silvia Colloca (3 quotes)
MRK ONTIM (1 quotes)
Maxine Hancock (1 quotes)
Calvin Trillin (37 quotes)
Donald T Regan (5 quotes)
Aliette de Bodard (3 quotes)
Maria de Villota (3 quotes)

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Life is indeed difficult, partly because of the real difficulties we must overcome in order to survive, and partly because of our own innate desire to always do better, to overcome new challenges, to self-actualize. Happiness is experienced largely in striving towards a goal, not in having attained things, because our nature is always to want to go on to the next endeavor."
Author: Albert Ellis

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