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smukelo ngqulunga (6 quotes)
Mariano Rivera (15 quotes)
Pamelar Hickinson (1 quotes)
Megyn Kelly (15 quotes)
Bruno Heller (6 quotes)
damali ayo (2 quotes)
Andy Dick (21 quotes)
Dave Zirin (1 quotes)
Rifhi Siddiq (2 quotes)
Martin Millar (4 quotes)
Rufus Wainwright (20 quotes)
Cassandra Golds (2 quotes)
Tamar Myers (1 quotes)
Madeline Hunter (19 quotes)
Mark Guy Pearse (1 quotes)
E Frank Tupper (1 quotes)
Amelia F Jones (1 quotes)
J Glen Percy (2 quotes)
Smokey Robinson (15 quotes)
Meg Tilly (13 quotes)
Benicio Del Toro (23 quotes)
Ephrem the Syrian (5 quotes)
Chloe Rattray (4 quotes)
AT Murray (1 quotes)
Ninette de Valois (15 quotes)
Moira Rogers (9 quotes)
Ardianto sony (1 quotes)
Eva Gregory (1 quotes)
Arundhati Roy (171 quotes)
Brian Baker (1 quotes)
Tayeb Salih (4 quotes)
Joy Harjo (12 quotes)
Bill Fagerbakke (1 quotes)
Thom Hartmann (4 quotes)
Will Ferrell (17 quotes)
William Geist (1 quotes)
Meredith Schorr (1 quotes)
Jean Dechanet (3 quotes)
DT Niles (1 quotes)
Walter Shaw Sparrow (1 quotes)
Dorothy Allison (46 quotes)
John C Malone (1 quotes)
James McBride (46 quotes)
AG Sorachi (1 quotes)
Tatiana de Rosnay (2 quotes)
Victor L Machin (2 quotes)
Ian Kershaw (1 quotes)
RC Sproul Jr (5 quotes)
The Bureau Chiefs (1 quotes)
Okisha Jackson (4 quotes)
John Henrik Clarke (23 quotes)
David Porush (1 quotes)
Tupelo Hassman (9 quotes)
Patricia Sampson (1 quotes)
Sergei Rachmaninov (1 quotes)
Patricia H Graham (6 quotes)
Chris Vonada (9 quotes)
Heather Paxson (2 quotes)
T Pain (23 quotes)
Nadia Bolz Weber (17 quotes)
Kathryn Loch (2 quotes)
Minka Kelly (9 quotes)
Laurence Fox (10 quotes)
Frank Miller (54 quotes)
Mary Stanton (3 quotes)
Mekhi Phifer (13 quotes)
Alice McCall (5 quotes)
AC Kemp (1 quotes)
Meg Cabot (358 quotes)
Noah Emmerich (7 quotes)
Andrew Masterson (1 quotes)
Martha Cecilia (6 quotes)
Lesley Kagen (23 quotes)
Robyn Davidson (18 quotes)
Liv Tyler (21 quotes)
Paul Shaffer (15 quotes)
David Strickland (1 quotes)
Joe Roman (7 quotes)
Hisham Matar (10 quotes)
Jean Fullerton (1 quotes)
Michael Schrage (2 quotes)
Eowyn Ivey (33 quotes)
Tom Kite (14 quotes)
Mark Oliphant (2 quotes)
Juliet C Obodo (2 quotes)
Jestoni Revealed (5 quotes)
Hyde (1 quotes)
Albert Baylis (1 quotes)
Baroness Orczy (1 quotes)
James Tenney (1 quotes)
Robert K Greenleaf (10 quotes)
Mary Sumner (1 quotes)
Robert Rauschenberg (24 quotes)

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The tone of his voice is like he expects a fight, like he's challenging me to disagree, and I want to tell him that I don't care one way or the other. That her blood-relative status makes no difference as long as she loves him. And she does. She wears it, beaming it around like a neon sign."
Author: Brenna Yovanoff

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