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Emily Rodda (4 quotes)
Javier A Robayo (2 quotes)
Adam Brody (20 quotes)
Shawn MacKenzie (1 quotes)
Michael Cooper (2 quotes)
Francoise Sagan (14 quotes)
Garson Kanin (3 quotes)
Geoffrey Boycott (8 quotes)
Lucy V Morgan (6 quotes)
Thomas Watson Jr (6 quotes)
Shirley Karr (1 quotes)
John Oldham (6 quotes)
Christopher Bram (1 quotes)
Michael Giles (7 quotes)
Paul Auster (226 quotes)
Shim Steward (7 quotes)
Jim Morris (4 quotes)
Thomas P M Barnett (2 quotes)
Sharon Weil (9 quotes)
Seth MacFarlane (3 quotes)
Hal Holbrook (14 quotes)
Mike Ericksen (10 quotes)
Lee Thompson (1 quotes)
Otep Shamaya (2 quotes)
Kelly Lynch (18 quotes)
Robert F Kennedy (15 quotes)
Pat Oliphant (11 quotes)
Donald Rumsfeld (22 quotes)
Karen Tyrrell (1 quotes)
Johannes Kepler (15 quotes)
Arthur C Brooks (10 quotes)
Eric Kraft (1 quotes)
Eric Garner (1 quotes)
Moby (17 quotes)
Peter Beinart (2 quotes)
Charles E Jefferson (1 quotes)
Bainbridge Colby (11 quotes)
Adele Ashworth (7 quotes)
Selena Gomez (28 quotes)
Martin Sheen (14 quotes)
Louise Doughty (3 quotes)
Robert Bevan (1 quotes)
Nick Sagan (4 quotes)
Jack Osbourne (14 quotes)
Jim Moorman (2 quotes)
Alejandro Colliard (5 quotes)
Lord Jeffrey (2 quotes)
Wynonna Judd (22 quotes)
Bob Black (8 quotes)
Waterstones (1 quotes)
Will Carling (3 quotes)
Lewis Mumford (29 quotes)
R Willmott (1 quotes)
Jonah Lehrer (28 quotes)
Lyn Macdonald (1 quotes)
Jonh Green (2 quotes)
Andre Gide (131 quotes)
Britt Daniel (20 quotes)
Jean Stafford (12 quotes)
Jacqueline Carey (92 quotes)
Dina Sarakinou (1 quotes)
David M Shoup (1 quotes)
David Brock (14 quotes)
William H Gass (62 quotes)
Leslie Howard (2 quotes)
Eric Jerome Dickey (81 quotes)
J Valor (7 quotes)
Allie Brennan (4 quotes)
Dallas Willard (47 quotes)
Annie Parisse (2 quotes)
Christopher Lambert (9 quotes)
David Shuster (9 quotes)
Tom Skerritt (7 quotes)
Tanner Colby (4 quotes)
Mike Royko (19 quotes)
Roger Tory Peterson (3 quotes)
Danu Saputra (7 quotes)
Clysta Kinstler (1 quotes)
Becquerel (1 quotes)
David Hemmings (6 quotes)
Lauren Bjorkman (2 quotes)
Neil Kurshan (3 quotes)
Nigel Barker (2 quotes)
Gary Oldman (19 quotes)
Harvey Stanbrough (3 quotes)
Abhishek Bhatt (1 quotes)
Luis Novais (1 quotes)
Lexi Blake (25 quotes)
Kevin Arnold (1 quotes)
Lewis Hallam (1 quotes)
Eliza Farnham (3 quotes)
Clark M Clifford (1 quotes)
Jocelyn Green (3 quotes)
Alan Vega (19 quotes)

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Tell it, Fanny. About the crowds, streets, buildings, lights, about the whirligig of loneliness, about the humpty-dumpty clutter of longings. And then explain about the summer parks and the white snow and the moon window in the sky. Throw in a poignantly ironical dissertation on life, on its uncharted aimlessness, and speak like Sherwood Anderson about the desire that stir in the heart. Speak like Remy de Gourmont and Dostoevsky and Stevie Crane, like Schopenhauer and Dreiser and Isaiah; speak like all the great questioners whose tongues have wagged and whose hearts have burned with questions. He will listen bewilderedly and, perhaps, only perhaps, understand for a moment the dumb pathos of your eyes."
Author: Ben Hecht

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