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"If a man wants love and a woman wants marriage, it's best to compromise and get heart transplants on the honeymoon. Then a part of the other will always be with them, helping them sigh dreamily." ~ Bauvard
"Let us lead vegetarians to the beds of the comatose. Why should they have any qualms about consuming human vegetables? Plants are for the most part either useful or beautiful. But human plants are at best hopeful. Their hospital beds would serve better as our oven pans." ~ Bauvard
"Jihadist: A man born into wanderlust who tries to grow roots by planting weeds; Death's freedom fighter." ~ Bauvard
"Advertising rises to an art when it stimulates not a perceived need, but boredom. Generosity sweepstakes, patient repetition, diligent associations, claims of skyrocketing temperance – a cavalry charge of techniques weaseling the tedious virtues into subliminal consciousness to make people fidget in their jiggling bodies, necrohabits, and abusive relationships. This campaign of discontent would implant not a longing for this or that product, but a heartache to jump on the bandwagon of another existence altogether. To lodge ennui in the soul is to commodify life." ~ Bauvard
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I used to toy with the notion that when we die we find out what our lives have amounted to, finally. I'd never imagined that we could find that out when somebody else dies."
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