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Bjorn Lomborg Quotes
Bjorn Lomborg Quotes
Bjorn Lomborg Quotes

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Such applications were sometimes granted because the GDR, unlike any other eastern European country, could rid itself of malcontents by ditching them into West Germany, where they were automatically granted citizenship. The Stasi put all applicants under extreme scrutiny. People who applied to leave were, unsurprisingly, suspected of wanting to leave which was, other than by this long-winded and arbitrary process, a crime. An ‘application to leave' was legal, but the authorities might, if the fancy took them, choose to see it as a statement of why you didn't like the GDR. In that case it became a Hetzschrift (a smear) or a Schmäschrift (a libel) and therefore a criminal offence."
Author: Anna Funder

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