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Brooke McKinley Quotes
Brooke McKinley Quotes
Brooke McKinley Quotes

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...What's the one superpower of June Elbus?"I thought about myself from head to toe. It was like being forced to read the most boring part of the Sears catalog. Like leafing through the bathroom accessories pages. Boring brain. Boring face. No sex appeal. Clumsy hands."Heart. Hard heart," I said, not sure where it came from. "The hardest heart in the world.""Hmmm," Toby said, tapping a finger in the air. "That's a useful one, you know. Very handy. The question is . . ." Toby paused like he was considering this all very seriously."What's the question?""The question is, stone or ice? Crack or melt?"
Author: Carol Rifka Brunt

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