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"Blood cannot be without dancing. There is no dancing without blood." ~ Cameron Conaway
"In The Land of Poetry and Fighting, Efficiency rules the throne. I try to live here, so I shave my head because hair is dead and dead is inefficient." ~ Cameron Conaway
"We were of thirteen minds, like a tree, in which there is one Red-tail and eleven squirrel parts." ~ Cameron Conaway
"It's cool when fashion recycles itself, it's not cool when sustainable living does because it means there was (and is as I write) a period of absolute and possibly irreversible destruction." ~ Cameron Conaway
"Somewhere in the shape sighs take." ~ Cameron Conaway
"What's not there is." ~ Cameron Conaway
"There was a sound you could smell / like you were inhaling tomorrow." ~ Cameron Conaway
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My chest tightens: seeing him so upset breaks my own heart. 'Don't you ever wish you could make that bit go away?" I say, feeling angry at the past. 'That you could erase those painful memories, forget they every happened, just remember the happy times you had together?''You must never say that,' he reprimands sternly.'But why not?' I look at him in surprise.'Because it's the bad memories that makes you appreciate the good ones. Don't ever wish them away. it's like your nan always used to say, "You need both the sun and the rain to make a rainbow"."
Author: Alexandra Potter

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