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"Blood cannot be without dancing. There is no dancing without blood." ~ Cameron Conaway
"In The Land of Poetry and Fighting, Efficiency rules the throne. I try to live here, so I shave my head because hair is dead and dead is inefficient." ~ Cameron Conaway
"We were of thirteen minds, like a tree, in which there is one Red-tail and eleven squirrel parts." ~ Cameron Conaway
"It's cool when fashion recycles itself, it's not cool when sustainable living does because it means there was (and is as I write) a period of absolute and possibly irreversible destruction." ~ Cameron Conaway
"Somewhere in the shape sighs take." ~ Cameron Conaway
"What's not there is." ~ Cameron Conaway
"There was a sound you could smell / like you were inhaling tomorrow." ~ Cameron Conaway
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The change began in Somalia, where we discovered that we were involved in an operation where there was no peace, so there was no more a peacekeeping operation because there was no peace."
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