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"And so, in their fear, Shahrazad and Shahrayar increased their own danger, though they did not do so knowingly. For, each in his or her own way, both looked in the wrong direction: not inward, but outward. In the moment when they needed to recall it, both forgot the first queen's prophecy.Only by knowing what was in their hearts and being unafraid to have it known could all be made right once more." ~ Cameron Dokey
"And then I was simply running, flying along the hallways of the palace on glass-slippered feet, not knowing, not caring where I was going. The journey, not the destination, was all that mattered. The sense of freedom, never mind that it was false, that always comes with motion." ~ Cameron Dokey
"My growing was definitely a series of adventures, followed by bumps, bruises, and many scoldings." ~ Cameron Dokey
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Coge un cuenco grande, dije. Llénalo con medidas iguales de hechos, fantasías, historia, mitología, ciencia, superstición, lógica y locura. Oscurece la mezcla con lágrimas amargas, aclárala con carcajadas, viértele tres mil años de civilización, grita kan pei, que significa "copa seca", y bébela hasta las heces." Propocio me clavó los ojos. "¿Y seré sabio?", preguntó. "Mejor que eso", le respondí. "Serás chino."
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