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"Each passing moment, every breath I took, I was worried I'd hear a tick, but not live long enough to hear its tock." ~ Cameron Jace
"Ok, lovebirds," Jack said. "Here's what we're going to do. We'll pull this coffin, unopened, down and hand it to you, Prince Charming. You give me my gold, and you take the coffin with your monster inside and have your ‘own scary ever after'. Are we clear?" ~ Cameron Jace
"Home was where the heart was, where we bled, where we laughed, met those we love, where we built, and what we fought for. Home was the dry soil we kept nurturing unconditionally, the place we took care of..." ~ Cameron Jace
"We can save the ones we care about, the ones nearby, if we're lucky enough to be able to save them in the first place. Then once we save one, we go on to the next. One day at a time, Alice. One day at a time." ~ Cameron Jace
"Some leaned back in their hammocks overlooking Eden, while reading Harry Potter book twenty-three – you don't have those on Earth, I know. You have to have a membership in Heaven to read those." ~ Cameron Jace
"You should really leave," Colton told him. "The energy I got in my heart is much stronger than anything you have seen." ~ Cameron Jace
"Snow White sucks the blood la ola lala" He sang, throwing bear can at the castle." ~ Cameron Jace
"Love is nothing but a Pentimento", she mumbled, not sure if he could hear her. "It looks like something from the outside, whie it's something totally different from the inside. And one can only understand this after some time, when the lie on the outside peels off." ~ Cameron Jace
"A strong and brave heart isn't enough. A true heart, no matter how much the truth hurts, is the strongest of all." ~ Cameron Jace
"I am not my heart rate. I am not my skills. I am not my sleeping problems. I am not my stress. I am not my fears. I am not how I look like. I am the very essence of me. I am my will. I am my passion. I am my beliefs. I am how much I can give and receive love. I am infinite and possible. I am my soul." ~ Cameron Jace
"Ashley burned down the school, smeared in the ashes of her sisters, with a that tattoo on her arm saying, 'I am a pleasure to burn." ~ Cameron Jace
"But I don't need your love, because I am loved by the greatest and most majestic heart in the world. Mine." ~ Cameron Jace
"Thinking of the cute, giddy, doe eyed, light-hearted, and innocent Snow White as a vampire, turns my stomach. According to dubious Mr. Officer, she isn't even the modern kind of vampire. She is one of the older ones rooted in the abyss of the human psyche, the sexy but scary, vicious, unapologetic, blood sucking one, living in a Dracula mansion built by the Evil Queen herself. What kind of twisted story is that?" ~ Cameron Jace
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