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"I whirl around, stare into his grimy,grief-stricken face. His face is beautiful and so good. How could I have believed he'd betray us?" ~ Carrie Jones
"Okay, little car, you are protesting roads. They are death traps for animals. They are environmentally unsound impervious surfaces that cause runoff. I understand this. But could we protest in the summer?" ~ Carrie Jones
"Do I need to ask Mr. Colt to move?" She wiggles her lips. "Are we having a little love in the afternoon?" Everybody titters-not laughs, but titters. I can feel my face turning red. "No. No, it's fine. He's fine." "He sure is," mutters some girl with mall bangs at the next table. Her table mate slaps her five." ~ Carrie Jones
"you have to face your fear." ~ Carrie Jones
"Do you like me? You know, like me like me?"I cringe the moment I ask and cover my face with my hands. The smell of blood and trail dirt wafts into my nose. Something sinks inside me. What is it? Oh, I know, any dignity I could possibly have left." ~ Carrie Jones
"I turn back to the lake, stare at the ice slowly moving on the surface of the water. Pieces of the solid fall into the liquid, but it's all just water no matter what its form." ~ Carrie Jones
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