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"Well, at the risk of sounding a bit harsh…I think we can safely say that your recent successes could have just as easily been achieved by a mute monkey in a tiny business suit, holding up a written explanation of whatever it was the monkey was attempting to sell" ~ Chris Murray
"Did you sell to them or did you simply facilitate their buying from you, hmm? Very different scenarios, my boy, very different indeed." ~ Chris Murray
"If you wish to sell to anyone you must earn the right to do so." ~ Chris Murray
"I'll record what I've learnt on the subject of what I sell. What it actually is means little to anyone other than me, but what it does and how it helps, means everything to those who require it." ~ Chris Murray
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"You truly help people with the things that you sell. Once you are aware of that vital piece of information every demonstration, every presentation, every transaction will be delivered with a light shining from your heart. From your heart will shine a beacon that tells all prospects you can truly help and that that is your sole purpose for being there." ~ Chris Murray
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