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"The choices of roles I made had to do with educating and entertaining. And as a result I found myself working only every two or three years." ~ Cicely Tyson
"I don't condemn anyone for making their choices. If someone chooses those roles, fine. But not for me. When someone stops me and says, You're the reason I became an actress, that lets me know I made the right decision." ~ Cicely Tyson
"In my early years, there were a number of experiences that made me decide I could not afford the luxury of just being an actress. There were a number of issues I wanted to address. And I wanted to use my career as a platform." ~ Cicely Tyson
"I was in California when this journalist made a blanket statement about the fact that she did not think that black men and women had the kind of love relationship that Rebecca and Nathan had in Sounder." ~ Cicely Tyson
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