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Constanza Cariola Quotes
Constanza Cariola Quotes
Constanza Cariola Quotes

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Pearls, because your skin is as smooth and luminescent as one, and because the first time my lips caressed your throat I thought your flesh as opulent and lushas one. Gold," he whispered, moving closer, "because it reminded me of how your hair looked in the dyingcandlelight, how it burned and glistened, and how badly I want to lie in bed, in our chamber, and watch you at your dressing table, unpinning it for me. I will have that, Lucy, therights of a husband to enter his wife's room, to see her at her toilette, to watch what no other man will ever begranted. You do understand that? That I won't settle for less?""You have made your line in the sand very clear."He grinned. "You can cross it anytime you wish, you know. You might even like it on my side."
Author: Charlotte Featherstone

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