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"People can save the world by the way they think and by the way they behave and what they hold to be important." ~ Cyndi Lauper
"Before I became famous I had a very full life, and that gave me a lot to pick from. I always use everything. It always comes in handy. Working with animals... Well, I just enjoyed that. That was the most peaceful time." ~ Cyndi Lauper
"God has more important things to worry about than who I sleep with." ~ Cyndi Lauper
"Everything does go in a circle." ~ Cyndi Lauper
"I'm not gonna worry about what people think about me. I'm too busy. I don't give a hoot." ~ Cyndi Lauper
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Opening my eyes takes effort, but it's worth it to see him, right there in front of me. He's so beautiful,golden. It's so hokey, but it's how he is. He is warmth to me."
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