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"I don't think songs have to be like these super-#1-smash-hit-sounding songs, because I think it's more important that it's like, 'Hey! This is coming out of me. This is something I connect with. This is something that I like to sing.'" ~ David Archuleta
"My mom is just someone who's easy to talk to and hang with. My sister, it's always cool to be able to help her out with things. My brother is fun when we're just joking and messing around. And my dad is someone who's helpful with my music and easy to talk to about that stuff because he understands me in that sense." ~ David Archuleta
"I knew people liked me on 'American Idol,' but I didn't think they'd care to come see me sing at my own show." ~ David Archuleta
"And remember, even when you can't sing, you can always plant a tree" ~ David Archuleta
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