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"Gallimard: You have to do what I say! I'm conjuring you up in my mind!Song: Rene, I've never done what you've said. Why should it be any different in your mind?" ~ David Henry Hwang
"Gallimard: It's... a pure sacrifice. He's unworthy, but what can she do? She loves him... so much. It's a very beautiful story.Song: Well, yes, to a Westerner.Gallimard: Exuse me?Song: It's one of your favotite fantasies, isn't it? The submissive Oriental woman and the cruel white man." ~ David Henry Hwang
"Judge: But why would that make it possible for you to fool Monsieur Gallimard? Please--get to the point.Song: One, because when he finally met his fantasy woman, he wanted more than anything to believe that she was, in fact, a woman. And second, I am an Oriental. And being an Oriental, I could never be completely a man." ~ David Henry Hwang
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