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"Why did you want to see me?"He studied her face curiously. "Why do I always want to see you?" he countered. His voice was like velvet. "You're part of me now, Cecily."She colored. She couldn't meet his eyes. Did he think she didn't know about Audrey?"And you wouldn't lie to me," she said."Any more than you'd lie to me," he replied softly.So they were both liars." ~ Diana Palmer
"Inevitably Tate phoned her at her office when she'd returned. "Leta said you and Colby left suddenly," he said softly. "What did you find out?""This isn't a secure line," she told him without expression in her voice. It hurt to hear him talking to her in that almost intimate tone after what Audrey had told her. "Stop talking like a secret agent," he teased."You start thinking like one again," she told him. "I'll meet you for coffee in the usual place.""What usual place?""Where you and Audrey go, of course."That hadn't been a teasing tone in her voice. "I only took her there once, Cecily, the day you ran into us…""Ten minutes." She hung up, got her jacket and went out, telling her secretary that she had a meeting and would be back in an hour. She dreaded seeing him again. But if she could just keep her head, perhaps she could bluff her way through. She felt betrayed." ~ Diana Palmer
"You're a worse punishment than even he deserves, lady," she bit off as she turned away from the phone. "I wouldn't wish you on my worst enemy!"The phone rang again and she picked it up, ready to give Audrey a fierce piece of her mind. But it was a journalist wanting to know if the story in the tabloids was true, about Tate and Cecily being lovers when she was still in school."It most certainly is not," she said curtly. "But I'll tell you what is. Tate Winthrop is marrying Washington socialite Miss Audrey Gannon at Christmas. You can print that, with my blessing!" And she hung up again." ~ Diana Palmer
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