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"I never tell students they cannot read a book they pick up, but I do guide them toward books that I think would be a good fit for them. I think of myself as a reading mentor—a reader who can help them find books they might like." ~ Donalyn Miller
"Although I enjoy digging through the library to help students find books, my aim is to help them develop self-confidence in choosing books for themselves." ~ Donalyn Miller
"Students must develop relationships with reading peers and use online, print, and other resources to inform their book choices, or they will not develop the confidence and capacity they need to self-select books successfully." ~ Donalyn Miller
"By believing that only some of our students will ever develop a love of books and reading, we ignore those who do not fall into books and reading on their own. We renege on our responsibility to teach students how to become self-actualized readers. We are selling our students short by believing that reading is a talent and that lifelong reading behaviors cannot be taught." ~ Donalyn Miller
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