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Eamon De Valera Quotes
Eamon De Valera Quotes
Eamon De Valera Quotes

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Tonight his father had caught up, carrying all the horrors of hell with him. His mother could no longer protect him—hide him—and now his father?s wrath would fall on him. He ran across the fields and through the forest, his bare feet carrying him as fast as they could go, aching and bleeding into the night. He could feel his father?s eyes on him and his stinking breath filling Raven?s nostrils as he rushed toward the only place he had ever found safe. He sobbed, choking on his grief and his frustration—the horrible guilt of carrying all the anger from his father into their house making him sick and afraid. He ran with lungs and muscles burning from strain, throwing himself through the doors of the castle when he reached them and only then chancing to look back the way he?d come."
Author: Amanda M. Lyons

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