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"I've been taught that love is beautiful and kind, but it isn't like that at all. It is beautiful, but it's a terrible beauty, a ruthless one, and you fall-you fall, and the thing is- The thing is you want to. You don't care what's coming you just want who your heart beats for." ~ Elizabeth Scott
"I have been smashed and put back together so many times nothing works right. Nothing is where it should be, heavy thumping in my shoulder where my heart now beats." ~ Elizabeth Scott
"Like a heart, and I wish mine wasn't beating." ~ Elizabeth Scott
"It will be over soon, finally, but the thing about hearts is that they want to keep beating. They want to keep beating." ~ Elizabeth Scott
"I deserved the shaking and the headaches and the fact that every single time I took a breath I felt a squeezing in my chest, my heart beating even though I wished it wasn't." ~ Elizabeth Scott
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