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"I wish it had never happened because then I wouldn't think about it as I'm falling asleep." ~ Elizabeth Scott
"I lied to Julia, I didn't know what else to do because you - you make me feel..." I had to stop. Not because I didn't have words. I did. But I was afraid to say them.He looked at me, and I knew then I could love him. That if I let myself I would."You make me feel too," he said, and held out one hand." ~ Elizabeth Scott
"My father looked like he was having a stroke— notthat Mel seemed to notice because he just kept talking."Patrick needs a ride. No car, you know, and so I figured,hey, I can pick up some gas money." He laughed. No oneelse did, and now Patrick looked like he was trying topush himself inside the door and hide." ~ Elizabeth Scott
"I am the living dead girl because I am too weak to die. I hate those crying dough women on TV because they are just like me, weak and broken and clinging to the hands that hold us under." ~ Elizabeth Scott
"He's looking at me as if the whole world waits for my next breath, with an intensity that makes my heart pound and my palms sweat and then he smiles, a sweet curve of his mouth, and my breath catches, but then I freeze because there is something about it, something beyond it that I know, that makes my mind go blank with fear and pain." ~ Elizabeth Scott
"She has no idea who I am, not really. She's just someone who's noticed me because the video and she'll forget what she's said before the day is over. Me? Not so much, but I go on, my legs shaking and a mix of anger and despair burning inside me." ~ Elizabeth Scott
"As it turned out, she was alone after all. She prayed that he'd come back to her, because she missed him and needed her connection, her fix." ~ Elizabeth Scott
"..."Are you okay?" he says, still looking at me, and I feel my smile slip, fade, and the silence that falls over us then is so total I can't hear anything, not the rush-hiss of my heart pounding in my chest, not the sounds all around us; insects, wind, and the distant clatter of others' lives in houses built close but not too close because when we look out our windows we all like to pretend that everything we see is ours. But Ryan is not mine." ~ Elizabeth Scott
"Because when I first saw you I thought-no, I knew-you were special. Because I still think that every time I look at you. Because I think you're smart and funny and brave. But most of all," he grins at me- "because I like questions." ~ Elizabeth Scott
"She became a story, one I have mostly forgotten. One I can't end because she died a long time ago." ~ Elizabeth Scott
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