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"I've been taught that love is beautiful and kind, but it isn't like that at all. It is beautiful, but it's a terrible beauty, a ruthless one, and you fall-you fall, and the thing is- The thing is you want to. You don't care what's coming you just want who your heart beats for." ~ Elizabeth Scott
"I have been smashed and put back together so many times nothing works right. Nothing is where it should be, heavy thumping in my shoulder where my heart now beats." ~ Elizabeth Scott
"Something in me, in my bruised heart, wakes up, and even though I'm terrified, I don't push the feeling away." ~ Elizabeth Scott
"Well as much as I'm sure the people next door who are pretending they aren't looking at me would like to hear what I have to say, I'd rather say it to just you." ~ Elizabeth Scott
"Friends. Strange indeed. There's just so much at risk, including my heart and mental stability - which are both still extremely fragile. I'm getting better but my heart still aches for you. I'm also having a hard time dealing with the fear. I don't want to be sad anymore. I don't want to cry, worry, or be scared anymore. I just wish I could feel free and happy again. If I can't talk to you at all, it's unbearable. If I talk to you too much, it's unbearable. It doesn't leave much. I want us both to be happy. I just want everything to be okay for you and me. I don't want anyone else to hurt. I feel like I've hurt enough for everyone. I've cried enough tears to fill everyone's bucket." ~ Elizabeth Scott
"Maybe you and I have to learn how to livewith what we saw. With what we know." ~ Elizabeth Scott
"Wherever I go, I'll always see you. You'll always be with me. And there's no happy ending coming here, no way a story that started on a night that's burned into my heart will end the way I wish it could. You're really gone, no last words, and no matter how many letters I write to you, you're never going to reply. You're never going to say good-bye. So I will. Good-bye, Julia. Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for being you." ~ Elizabeth Scott
"Then I heard someone laugh. I wished I didn't know whose laugh it was, but I knew Will's laugh just like I knew he had a small scar right above his left elbow. You couldn't be reluctantly lust-ridden for someone without noticing stuff about them." ~ Elizabeth Scott
"Like a heart, and I wish mine wasn't beating." ~ Elizabeth Scott
"And yet here I am. Broken and bleeding on the inside, heartsick, I am here." ~ Elizabeth Scott
"He's looking at me as if the whole world waits for my next breath, with an intensity that makes my heart pound and my palms sweat and then he smiles, a sweet curve of his mouth, and my breath catches, but then I freeze because there is something about it, something beyond it that I know, that makes my mind go blank with fear and pain." ~ Elizabeth Scott
"No, it can't," I say. "It's— it's the kind of thing you want to say, that you want to believe, but it isn't— I know isn't true. I thought my heart knew things, but what I thought was real turned out to be a lie, and now I don't—" ~ Elizabeth Scott
"He never heard my story but he taught me it wasn't true. It was just pretend but pretending is hard." ~ Elizabeth Scott
"If she could breathe then it could be heard, but she was breathless." ~ Elizabeth Scott
"It will be over soon, finally, but the thing about hearts is that they want to keep beating. They want to keep beating." ~ Elizabeth Scott
"..."Are you okay?" he says, still looking at me, and I feel my smile slip, fade, and the silence that falls over us then is so total I can't hear anything, not the rush-hiss of my heart pounding in my chest, not the sounds all around us; insects, wind, and the distant clatter of others' lives in houses built close but not too close because when we look out our windows we all like to pretend that everything we see is ours. But Ryan is not mine." ~ Elizabeth Scott
"I deserved the shaking and the headaches and the fact that every single time I took a breath I felt a squeezing in my chest, my heart beating even though I wished it wasn't." ~ Elizabeth Scott
"The heart is a place with worm holes made by feelings you aren't supposed to have but do." ~ Elizabeth Scott
"All right, you caught me. I'm secretly obsessed with you and spend all my free time writing about you in my journal. 'Dear Diary, today Will was an ass for the 467th day in a row. He's so dreamy" ~ Elizabeth Scott
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