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"I am my heart's undertaker. Daily I go and retrieve its tattered remains, place them delicately into its little coffin, and bury it in the depths of my memory, only to have to do it all again tomorrow." ~ Emilie Autumn
"I was reading everything under the sun from music history to feminist literature to Shakespeare, which is why I'm not a complete idiot at this time." ~ Emilie Autumn
"DeathWish: You spent some time working with Courtney Love and Billy Corgan on a creative level, how did this experience help your growth as an artist?EA: It didn't -- it stunted it entirely. I gave up over a year of my life and career helping Billy with his flop of an album and designing and building all of the costumes for his music video. With Courtney, we were friends, but I spent years working to record and promote her flop of an album only to find that my value increased every time I peed in an orange juice bottle so that she could fake her way through a drug test. Not exactly a haven for artistic growth." ~ Emilie Autumn
"I still own my heart, which I know because it hurts so much." ~ Emilie Autumn
"I was initially signed to a German label a few years ago." ~ Emilie Autumn
"Awareness is the enemy of sanity, for once you hear the screaming, it never stops." ~ Emilie Autumn
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