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"Nacemos solos en nuestra cabeza; vivimos solos allí; morimos solos. Los secretos, pues, a la tumba. Por un momento sentí deseos desesperados de no estar a solas..." ~ Emma Bull
"No vivieron felices para siempre, pues nada vive eternamente; pero vivieron tantos años como es natural, y después pasaron juntos a la tierra donde los árboles florecen y dan fruto a un mismo tiempo, y donde las flores de primavera nunca se marchitan." ~ Emma Bull
"We're all born nameless, aren't we? And the name we end up with has only peripherally to do with our family tree." ~ Emma Bull
"Fairy tales. That was all she could remember about fairies, and as she tried desperately to recall the ones she'd heard or read, she realized she knew of few with fairies in them. And the two before her were nothing like Rumpelstiltskin or Cinderella's fairy godmother. Elegant Oberon and Titiana, silly Puck--Shakespeare was no help, either. These two, with their changing shapes and their offhand cruelties, had their roots in horror movies." ~ Emma Bull
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