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"There're three reasonspeople get away from here:gone good, gone bad orgone dead." ~ Emma Cameron
"One more year and I will be closer to wherever I'm going." ~ Emma Cameron
"Strange, isn't it?" he asks."Where life takes you and how much can change." ~ Emma Cameron
"Stella scribbledin thick black textaacross half the pagesof my best storybook,filled with people who venturedwhere their hearts took them.Beautiful worlds beyond mine." ~ Emma Cameron
"It's not about blood,"says Lucius. "It's about who you shareyour life with.Where you feelyou really belong." ~ Emma Cameron
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Music is my life. I love doing it, so I just do it nonstop all day. And with dancing, I wanted to put on a show for people. I don't want to just be sitting there doing nothing, so that's when I started to dance."
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