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"Real love is more than a physical feeling. If there's even the slightest doubt in your head about a guy, then forget about it. It's not real." ~ Ethan Embry
"When I finish a film, I like to drastically change my appearance. I get sick of looking at the same thing in the mirror for months at a time. So when a film's over, I'll do something like shave my head." ~ Ethan Embry
"Donner likes what he does and enjoys being on a set. He doesn't have to do it, its not like he has to make the rent. When I get to be his age and still enjoy what I'm doing like him, I'd be lucky." ~ Ethan Embry
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Sabía que no podía decir las palabras que él quería oír. Leif era especial para mí, pero no lo quería, al menos no de la forma en que él me quería a mí"
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