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Ethan Embry Quotes
Ethan Embry Quotes
Ethan Embry Quotes

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Why abandon truth because it's out of favor? Hold on to truth long enough and, without a doubt, the world will turn and someone will see you've got it and ask if there's enough to share! You'll hand it out with joy, and there will be more and more to go around... Most of the darkness in this world is due to truth being out of favor. And folks being scared to death to stand up, hold up the light, and speak the truth about the Lord for fear they'll be out of favor too. So we betray the light for safty's sake. Hide the fire inside a clay pot. Prefer the darkness. The blindness. Because it's safer. You don't get noticed that way. The Light shines again when someone brave-- it only takes one –stands up and says, "Here it is! Here's the Truth!"
Author: Bodie Thoene

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