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"Often a man endures for several years, submits and suffers the cruellest punishments, and then suddenly breaks out over some minute trifle, almost nothing at all." ~ Fiódor Mijáilovich Dostoyevski
"Coming at twenty to his father's house, which was a very sink of filthy debauchery, he, chaste and pure as he was, simply withdrew in silence when to look on was unbearable, but without the slightest sign of contempt or condemnation. His father, who had once been in a dependent position, and so was sensitive and ready to take offense, met him at first with distrust and sullenness." ~ Fiódor Mijáilovich Dostoyevski
"You are really angry with me for not having appeared to you in a red glow, with thunder and lightning, with scorched wings" ~ Fiódor Mijáilovich Dostoyevski
"A cultivated and decent man cannot be vain without setting a fearfully high standard for himself, and without despising and almost hating himself at certain moments." ~ Fiódor Mijáilovich Dostoyevski
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