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"It's funny the things you think you're scared of until they're upon you, and then you're not." ~ Gayle Forman
"She said it was because one day I was going to have to go through a metamorphosis like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly and that scared me, so butterflies scared me." ~ Gayle Forman
"So let's hear another one of your irrational fears."Mia grasped me by the arms and pulled herself in to my chest, like she was burrowing her body into mine. "I'm scared of losing you," she said in the faintest of voices." ~ Gayle Forman
"We'll tell our secrets to the dark"-Adam"Okay"-Mia"So let's hear another of your irrational fears"-Adam"I'm scared of losing you"-Mia"I said 'irrational' fears. Because that's not gonna happen"-Adam"It still scares me"- Mia" ~ Gayle Forman
"Don't be scared...Women can handle the worst kind of pain. You'll find out one day." ~ Gayle Forman
"When I'd looked back up at the window, the white curtain flapping in the gusty breeze, I'd felt both sadness and relief, the oppositional tug of heaviness and lightness, one lifting me up, one pushing me down. I understood then, Lulu and I had started something, something I'd always wanted, but also something I was scared of getting. Something ai wanted more of. And, also, something I wanted to get away from. The truth and its opposite." ~ Gayle Forman
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