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"And because of the reunion I think we've got more energy and enthusiasm than we've ever had. And it's genuine. I think the fans can detect when you're genuine, when you love what you do, and we love to be there on stage. That's what we thrive on." ~ Glenn Tipton
"Yes, we are fortunate because as a band we've always been on the up, always getting more successful." ~ Glenn Tipton
"I have a lot to do with the writing, and also the production, but it would be wrong of me to say that I'm the most important member of the band, because everybody is important the way I see it." ~ Glenn Tipton
"It'll be basically a live album, but it will also include songs, Judas Priest songs, the audience have never heard before, because we felt we wanted to give the kids something else, something they haven't already bought." ~ Glenn Tipton
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