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"I want it all. Mind, body, soul, and heart. I promise you that when we finally get there, it's going to be worth the wait. When you open yourself up to me completely… Baby, you won't even believe how good it's going to be." ~ Harper Sloan
"When she forgets to be scared, she gazes at me like she knows I hold all the answers. Yeah, I am officially hooked." ~ Harper Sloan
"Serious as shit right now, Izzy. You keep looking at me like I'm the last drop of water left over after a long-ass drought and I will take you right here in the doorway. Jesus Christ, I'm so fucking hard right now, I think I really could hammer nails." ~ Harper Sloan
"In that moment, I knew whatever had been broken over the years was finally put back together again. I was whole." ~ Harper Sloan
"When Beck finally comes out of the office for dinner, he takes one look at me, and I know he sees the change, because after he looks down at the floor for a few seconds, he looks back into my eyes with the biggest smile plastered on his face. "Well… all right," he says, giving me a hug just shy of painful." ~ Harper Sloan
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