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"But, I tell you this, there is no way a man as man as him swings for the rainbow.  No way.  Shame for Sway, but girlfriend, as beautiful as you are, this is good news." ~ Harper Sloan
"Beauty, you need a ride?" He asks me, interrupting my inner slut. His eyes darken slightly, and there is no mistaking the real question behind those words. "Depends on what kind of ride we're talking about, stud." He laughs, and even that sounds like sex. "If I thought you were serious, I would tell you to jump on, babe." ~ Harper Sloan
"Beauty, you can call me whatever you want as long as you're screaming it." Before I can even process his actions, he bends down and gives me a quick but deep kiss. When he pulls back and rests his forehead against mine, I know I might as well have just signed on the dotted line. The look he gives me is so full of promise that if I had been wearing underwear, they would have blown up, completely exploded, right from my skin." ~ Harper Sloan
"If you call me Holt one more fucking time I'm bending you over my knees, yeah? I am not Holt to you, and you damn well fucking know it." ~ Harper Sloan
"I know, trust me I do. I lived that for twelve years my man. The only thing I can give you is hope. Izzy and I went through our share of bumps, but in the end, if it's meant to be, nothing can keep your woman from your arms." ~ Harper Sloan
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My words were Egyptian hieroglyphics before the discovery of the Rosetta stone; my words were wounded soldiers limping home, guns spent, from a lost battle; my words were dying fish, flipping hysterically as the net is opened and the pile spreads across the boat deck like a slippery mountain trying to become a prairie.My words were, and are, unworthy of Marianne Engel."
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