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"to see what he has been packing all day makes my center weep with wetness.  Huge, thick and decorated.  He fingers the hoop, which causes his dick to jump and a hiss to shoot from his mouth.  As if the Prince Albert isn't shocking enough, the second horizontal bar through his bulbous head has my jaw dropping." ~ Harper Sloan
"Don't say pussy in church, motherfucker." "Oh yeah? Because motherfucker is better?" ~ Harper Sloan
"Having her in my arms feels like coming home. I am not one to believe in all that love at first sight bullshit, but even as cynical as I am, I can recognize something bigger than lust at work. My body wants her; that is no secret, but the level of want is borderline craving. I need her. Needing someone is not something I am used to. No, I am used to being needed… something this woman clearly doesn't want." ~ Harper Sloan
"I can feel the sun warming my skin. I love this blissful state between sleep and just waking. But I no longer relish this moment for being numb, no…now I relish this moment because it reminds me I am alive." ~ Harper Sloan
"When Beck finally comes out of the office for dinner, he takes one look at me, and I know he sees the change, because after he looks down at the floor for a few seconds, he looks back into my eyes with the biggest smile plastered on his face. "Well… all right," he says, giving me a hug just shy of painful." ~ Harper Sloan
"When he sees the state that he's brought me to, his lips curl in to a heart-stopping smirk. "You want this, don't you, sweetness ? Because I can tell you right now, after just one taste of you, I want you more than my next breath." ~ Harper Sloan
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