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"Asean is obviously a very important association for us. Over the past 30 years Asean has made great strides in regional cooperation covering a number of areas, although recently it has been under strain because of the financial crisis and other challenges." ~ Hassanal Bolkiah
"The nation will benefit in the long term if it continues to be open to foreign expertise. This will help the country to establish its business culture and environment faster, based on international best practice." ~ Hassanal Bolkiah
"Today, bilateral relations with Britain are excellent, with cooperation in many areas and both countries continuing to work on strengthening these ties." ~ Hassanal Bolkiah

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Too many bleak years have passed over this little spot of Central Europe, and they've drained all the warmth out of this house. They have killed any desire for friendliness and, let me repeat it, you won't find anything in the least like intimacy here."
Author: Albert Camus

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