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"All those old myths and legends and fairytales didn't just appear out of nowhere for no good reason, you know. They came about because there really is such a thing as magic or that it once flourished in the world. Or at least there is something extraordinary that people commonly refer to, or dismiss, as magic." ~ H.M. Forester
"Welcome to Level 2. Or, as it is sometimes affectionately referred to by the Friends: God's Little Joke." ~ H.M. Forester
"Their methods were especially crude and most of these former friends were now born again model citizens; lobotomized; or burnt out shells." ~ H.M. Forester
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Ruth, que quería que todos creyeran lo que ella sabía: que los muertos realmente nos hablan, que, en el aire que rodea a los vivos, los espíritus se mueven, se entremezclan y ríen con nosotros. Son el oxígeno que respiramos."
Author: Alice Sebold

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