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"Women assume a lot more than they should.Such as in the following scenario:- Most men never say they want a beautiful woman. Mostly you'll never find a man saying "Oh I want a really beautiful woman" Maybe sometimes they end up saying but at the end they are happy with the women they find. They like to look at beautiful women, which is men nature. They can't help it.- Most men never say they want a slim woman. Any person, who sees fit people will look at them, they like to look at fit lady, which i guess every human likes to look at. Some admire, some desire. Men and women.Desires are different, every person has one, but that doesn't mean one will go out of his/her way to get it. Those who do should never become a reason for judging a whole.Women are forgetting that as men grow old they starts to see beyond just a beautiful face. They fall for anything but beauty or size of the body." ~ HQLines.me
"Yes, you don't need someone to be happy but remember you also need someone to not feel lonely." ~ HQLines.me
"You can either be yourself and accept criticism and be happy or you can be someone else and be accepted by everyone else and be sad." ~ HQLines.me
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