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"We get no credit for being sane, do we? I get no credit. Even from me. From myself. I hold it together and hold it together and I make it another day, another year, and there's no reward. Nothing great about me being normal. About not being crazy." He frowned. "Then you have one bad day, and you worry for yourself, you know? It only takes one." ~ Hugh Howey
"Heroes didn't win. The heroes were whoever happened to win. History told their story – the dead didn't say a word. All of it was bullshit." ~ Hugh Howey
"Sorry for her loss. And he had hugged her. Like he knew what she was holding inside, this secret grief that had hardened where her hidden love once lay." ~ Hugh Howey
"He awoke each morning with familiar shapes at the edges of his vision, could feel memories nearby, but by the time breakfast came, they were already fading. By dinner, they were lost. It left Troy with a sadness, a cold sensation, and a feeling like a hollow stomach--different from hunger--like rainy days as a child when he didn't know how to fill his time. It was the pain of a chronic boredom mixed with the discomfort of time wasted." ~ Hugh Howey
"I'd rather excite the imagination of a legion of readers and make pennies from each of them than hold off for a larger chunk of change from only a handful of fans." ~ Hugh Howey
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