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"We are not the people who made this world, Lukas, but it's up to us to survive it. You need to understand that.""We can't control where we are right now," he mumbled, "just what we do going forward." ~ Hugh Howey
"It was easy to blame people for the misery of life rather than blaming the sand. Yelling at the sand got you nowhere. People yelled back, and at least that was a response. An acknowledgment. Being tormented and simultaneously ignored was the worst." ~ Hugh Howey
"It was a sad loss, this illusion of importance, a humbling blow." ~ Hugh Howey
"Imagination, she figured, just wasn't up to the task of understanding unique and foreign sensations. It knew only how to dampen or augment what it already knew. It would be like telling someone what sex felt like, or an orgasm. Impossible. But once you felt it yourself, you could then imagine varying degrees of this new sensation." ~ Hugh Howey
"there is Scott on the dock across the water. A dead man, standing. My best friend, waving at me. I nearly dive in and swim across. My heart is bursting out of my chest, and for all the death I've seen, now is when the tears come, this sight of someone I love, very much alive." ~ Hugh Howey
"I glance at my wristwatch. It has gotten so late that it is now September 11, and there I am standing in a patch of blue and empty sky." ~ Hugh Howey
"A man asks if I'm leaving. People can hear the engines, can see the exhaust, are watching me scramble around the decks to make ready. "C'mon," I tell the man. Others are looking at me expectantly. "Anyone who wants to go, c'mon," I say. I have people to help. Somehow, this helps me." ~ Hugh Howey
"There is much to do, pulling people away, right up until the Coast Guard comes and orders us to stop. Scott is dead. My cell phone is dead. My mother must think me dead. So it goes. I pick up the papers that have drifted down on the boat and have become plastered there, these relics from great buildings that no longer stand. The first one I grab is an insurance document. Listen: What I tell you here is true. The first line on the first page I pick up, it begins: In the event of damage to the building… So it goes." ~ Hugh Howey
"Donald froze. When he thawed some time later, Anna was gone, leaving him standing there alone, soaked in guilt." ~ Hugh Howey
"Montana wants to scream, but the thing she is angry at is in the past. The past can't hear her. This is the thing, her great discovery. She smiles at the future. Happiness is a choice." ~ Hugh Howey
"He could imagine how nice it would be to not understand. To see one's microcosm as the macrocosm. To focus a meter beyond one's own nose." ~ Hugh Howey
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