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"But it's what the world does to people. It makes some of us feel ugly and it makes some of us look like criminals, like angry fools." ~ Jacqueline Woodson
"Racism doesn't know color, death doesn't know age, and pain doesn't know might." ~ Jacqueline Woodson
"Life...moves us through all the time changes. All kinds of changes. And we're made so that we roll and move with it. Sometimes somebody gets stuck in the present and the rolling stops—but the changing doesn't." ~ Jacqueline Woodson
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Monk had a brief vision of what it must be like to be a women on her own, obliged to work at pleasing people because your acceptance, perhaps even your financial survival, depended upon it. There must be hundreds - thousands - of petty accommodations, suppressions of your own beliefs and opinions because they would not be what someone else wished to hear. What a constant humiliation, like a burning blister on the heel which hurt with every step.And on the other hand, what a desperate loneliness for a man if he ever realized he was alway being told not what she really thought or felt but what she believed he wanted to hear. Would he then ever trust anything as real, or of value?"
Author: Anne Perry

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