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"There is something powerful in Metallica, a will, a drive." ~ James Hetfield
"Metallica is a wonderful key to have on my key ring. I can go anywhere - it's great." ~ James Hetfield
"There is one Metallica. We have many styles, it's called Metallica." ~ James Hetfield
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Now Vegas, while you were asleep your classmates and I were discussing time manipulation. What are your thoughts on the subject?""Well," Vegas turned to the class, his captive audience and smiled, "if you can manipulate time so this bell would hurry up and ring, I'd think it's fabuloso." The class snickered again, but not everyone since someone else had made a similar joke just several minutes prior. Naturally, Vegas hadn't been able to hear it over the sound of his own snoring."
Author: Charlie Fey

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